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"Brown Takes Gold"

Junior  Tony Cut





“Brown takes Gold”

The 2016 100 Bird Winter Series has come to an end and it has to be said it was better than we in Mill Hill could have asked for, each of the rounds we held were spot on in regards to the weather conditions on the given days and as for the turn out and support from you the Shooter was brilliant to see so many on the ground each week and it really means a lot to the members who set up the different courses and put the effort in.

In total this year we had 263 different competitors take part over the three rounds with a good mix of regular faces and new visitor’s to the ground and most seemed to enjoy their visit. This year we used just under 53000 clays.

  The first round in September seen Junior Brown and Nigel Dowdall sitting on the top of the table with 90’s and closely followed by Michael McPhillips on 88, there was a further 27 guns in the 80’s so it was a good show of talent in the top 30.

Round two in October seen the numbers drop a little with 162 guns on the ground but this didn’t affect the ability of those that did make the trip. Again Junior Brown and Stephen Rushworth  featured in the top spot with a pair of 94’s, but wasn’t to be it for the day as with only 4 squads left in the field Colin Dunne returned with an outstanding 95.  To finish the 90+ results Shaun Teeling and Pat Fox both put in very credible 92’s, there were also 39 guns in the 80 this time round. So it was starting to look tight in the Classes as well as at the top of the series table between Junior and Stephen but now with Colin’s 95 it was a score to be watched next time round.

The Final November round was set over 13 stands up to and in Mooretown area again, within this there was a 4 trap super sporting stand set at the “Pony Gate” which seemed to be enjoyed by most if not the targets well then at least there was a decent view to take in !                                                                This time round there were 176 competitors on the ground and the first one in with a high score was Cliffy Porter with a 91, following that there was a fleet of late 80’s on the board . When the day totals were added to the master sheet and each shooter’s best 2 scores were taken it was to be a similar trend to all the other events with a lot of the positions within the classes being very close or in some cases equalled.                                                                                                                                        One position that was equalled was the Overall High Gun spot with Colin Dunne and Junior Brown both finishing with 184 so for the second year running it would go to a final shoot off to find the 2016 winner of the Robert Cavanagh Cup. So with another score card done out we headed for the “Cherry Tree Corner” where Junior and Colin would shoot a further 30 targets to fine the winner, first up was Junior shooting a 9-6-9 = 24x30 and Colin also shot a 9-6-9 =24x30,,,,,,,,,,, sudden death was to be the final call first pair for Junior was pair dead, Colin went in and unfortunately for him it was a kill-loss and it was decided our Donegal visitor Junior Brown would be the 2016 100 Bird Winter Series.

Congratulations to Junior on a top result and we hope you give a good home to the Robert Cavanagh cup for the coming year, well done to  all the winners in the different classes it was close in them all. The winners list is also attached to this post.

We in Mill Hill would like to sincerely like to thank everyone who took part in the Series this year and as was already said it’s good to see such numbers turning out which makes it worthwhile for Derek, Maurice, David and Nigel on the ground that put in long hours on short days to get the course done. We would like to thank Mark, Glenn, and Michael for their help in the office and not forgetting Yvonne & Denise in the Kitchen for keeping everyone well fed, thanks also to Shaun, Ultan and Des  and finally we would like to thank Sean, John and the McKenna Family for the continued use of their land to hold these events.

See you all again soon

Mill Hill Cpsc

 winners List 2016 RESULTS




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