Round one of the 100 bird Winter series is complete!

It has to be said of this weekend that the weather definitely played it’s part in the setup. We were lucky that the heavy rain forecast came during the night after shooting on Saturday, however both Saturday and Sunday suffered with blustery conditions which added an extra twist to the the targets set.

There was two particular stands that seemed to create some chat among visitors who shot over the weekend, and it proved to be a “Marmite” situation as they were ether loved or hated!!

Well done to David Marshall who topped the charts with a super 92 on a tricky round. Thanks to everyone who made the journey this weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on the 28th of November for round 2.

Listed below are the results for Rd1.(If there are any issues or anomalies seen below, please send a mail to [email protected] and we will endeavour to look into them in the coming week.)

Mill Hill.

U149ffMARSHALL DavidAA92
L011Cavanagh MauriceAAA85
L10063Hanratty BrianAAA83
U108CCAndrew McKeownAA82
L9324O’Sullivan AidanAA85
L10766Teeling ShaunAA78
L1001Dowdall NigelAA77
L230Collins AidanAA74
L11313O’Rourke StephenA87
L11319Clarke JohnA84
L10061Fay LarryA82
ru11365Liam McDonnellA82
RU11364Donnelly GerardA82
L11190McGovern DonalA82
L10830Duff MatthewA81
L11192Delaney PaulA78
RU976Smullen RobertA76
L10663Devereux RobertA75
L11098Jodi DevlinA75
L11311Clarke GerardA74
L5690Gillespie TerryA72
L6275Maguire BernardA70
ru6878Devlin GabrielA67
L10380Byrne PaulA63
U149ooNeill TimothyB84
RU999Sexton AlanB82
L9130Meade PeterB81
L5512Fox PatB80
Ru11326Whyte CecilB79
L11323McDonald PaddyB75
L11298Collins JustinB74
L11320Doyle DanielB72
U287QQNICHOLSON Mark AlexanderB72
L11186Pamela GumleyB72
L11314Sylvester NigelB72
L11316McCooey DarrenB71
RU9176McArdle LaurenceB70
RU5426Ellis NoelB70
L9203McNally PeterB70
L3909Gillespie DesB69
RU11227Boyd NigelB69
RU11226Armstrong LiamB65
L10556Borza LiberoB65
L11349Murphy GavinB65
L5355Dunne MattB65
L11290Monks JohnB65
L10157O’Connor DavidB63
ru11407Smith AdrianB52
L859McDonnell JohnB52
RU6722Quinn GeoffreyB1
L10901Duff LouisC80
Ru11161Gumley GerryC78
U4528Trevor WilsonC71
L431Ward TonyC71
RU11256Gamble MartinC71
L075Rogers FrancisC70
L11042Conway JamesC70
L10374Woods ThomasC69
L6012Kenny TomC69
L10562Mulligan JohnC68
Daniel Malonec66
L11727O’Neill KatieC65
L11289Monks JackC64
Gerry Woodsc64
L11235Anderson BernardC62
L511O’Hagan EugeneC62
L11529McGrath ThomasC62
L9817Mockler JasonC60
Peter McEneaneyc60
L11321Ryan PeterC59
U136BBKERR Charles AC58
RU978McCullagh RichardC57
Padraig Malonec57
Eoin Clarkec56
RU9221McGinley SeanC55
L11724Chronopoulos EvangelosC52
L6336McQuillan TonyC51
L11586Sean Gravesc43
U155ERonnie AdairC81
L11762Cicchini MassimoN/C82
U139GGBob StevensonN/C72
L11819Peter BegleyN/C61
RU11839Duffy NiallN/C60
L11837Cicchini YacoboN/C50
U146ooSELFRIDGE Linton85
U200DJoe Tomlinson76
U458WIan Hamill76
U123GGKeith Cummins76
U208iARTHURS Robert69
Stephen Porter84
Ray Logan79
Anthony Curtis79
Thomas O’Neill77
Peter O’Leary77
Derrick Ryan76
Bill Maher75
Maurice Curran74
John O’Neill71
Seamus McGovern71
Noel Woods71
Paddy Quinn69
Bob Power77
Gerry Caffery68
Joe Hollingsworth66
Padraig Murphy64
Callum Scallon64
Huw Thomas63
Eddie Wilson63
Karen Power62
Adam McCann62
Robert McNally62
Declan Taaffee61
Chris Mitchell60
Liam Doran59
Kevin Carron57
Paddy Murray57
Alan Kane57
Adrian Smith56
Vincent Devine55
Ray Hardie54
Eugene McGuirk54
Kieran McLaughlin50
Terry Ryan47
Jamie Smith46
Robin Twinem33