Well that’s the box ticked for round two !

Will done to our own Larry Fay who took high gun today for the second round of the series. Thanks to everyone who visited over the weekend we hope you enjoyed your round. We were some what lucky with weather today, it may have been calm yet cold. Unfortunately the Saturday squads were not as lucky as it was a lot windier and BITTERLY cold,,, But it was dry !

Listed below are the results for the weekends second round of the 2021 Winter Series (Robert Cavanagh Cup).

If there are any issues seen with the totals please email [email protected] and we will endeavor for resolve the query.

The table with the totals from the two rounds will be posted in the coming days.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back again for the final round on the 23th January.


Fay Larry90
Joe Tomlinson87
Dowdall Nigel86
Goslin Glenn86
Farrell John86
Meade Peter86
McArdle Laurence85
Peter O’Leary85
Collins Aidan84
Clarke John84
Stephen Porter84
Andrew McKeown82
McDonnell Liam82
Devlin Jody82
Paddy McDonnell82
Kenny Tom82
Cavanagh Maurice81
McKay Don81
Delaney Paul81
Devlin Gabriel81
KELLY Paul81
Fox Pat80
Gerry Woods80
Maurice Curran80
Bill Maher79
O’Rourke Stephen79
Borza Libero79
Murphy Gavin79
McGrath Thomas79
Seamus McGovern79
Wayne Morrisson78
Maguire Bernard77
Donnelly Gerard77
Whyte Cecil77
Neill Timothy77
Willie Bennett77
Ian Hamill77
Keith Cummins77
McGovern Donal76
Elder Nicola76
Smith Adrian76
Jamie Bennett76
Derrick Ryan75
Mulligan John75
Sean Considine75
Cicchini Massimo75
John Loughran75
O’Sullivan Aidan74
McCourt Mark74
McCloskey Derek74
Quinn Geoffrey74
Gumley Pamela74
Bob Power74
Liam Doran74
McCooey Darren73
ARTHURS Robert73
Daniel Malone73
Alan Kane73
Eddie Wilson73
Sexton Alan72
Paddy Murray72
Katie O’Neill72
Gamble Martin72
Bob Stevenson72
Noel Woods72
Cieran Connor71
Ellis Noel70
McGinley Sean70
KERR Charles A70
John O’Neill70
Armstrong Liam69
Ronnie Adair69
Ryan Peter69
McCullagh Richard69
Kevin Carron69
Ray Hardy69
Joe Hollingsworth69
Sylvester Nigel68
Gary Toner68
Karen Power68
Mick O’Connell68
Eugene McGuirk67
Goslin Joe66
Trevor Wilson66
Kane Terry66
Lewis David65
Rogers Francis65
Thomas O’Neill65
Conway James64
Michael O’Sullivan64
Woods Niall63
Ward Tony63
Woods Thomas63
Padraig Murphy63
Robert McNally63
Adrian Smith62
Thorne Mark62
Monks John61
Cicchini Yacobo61
Kevin Loughran60
McDonnell John58
Boyd Nigel57
Anderson Bernard57
Peter McEneaney57
Padraig Malone57
Farrell Lauren55
Eoin Clarke55
Kieran McLaughlin54
Gerry Caffery53
McQuillan Tony49
Bernard Carraher45