Thanks to everyone who visited Mill Hill over the last two days, we had a good turnout considering the weather wasn’t very favorable for different reasons on both days.

Some of the squad’s this afternoon definitely felt the sharp east wind around stands 5,6 & 7.🥶😶‍🌫️🥶
Scores have been sent forward to the stats officer and will been presented in due course.
BUT please be patient if your score isn’t as you expected , even though waterproof paper is used for the score cards a small portion of them were slightly hard to read 🤔 and as such there may have been some subject to errors in the transfer to the programme, these will be dealt with going forward.

Thanks to the members who helped out with the course in the last few week, the office duties and on the ground over the last two days, it’s greatly appreciated.

Finally thanks to Sean, John & the McKenna family for their continued support.

Thanks again to all.