After the first two rounds of the series there was a trend starting to emerge in the weather over the Saturday and Sunday of the shoot weekends, with the Saturday’s suffering from wet and windy conditions and the Sunday’s turning out to be near perfect conditions for shooting and the third and final round was to be no different with Saturday suffering the impact of storm Brendan and Sunday again perfect for shooting .
With the class’s being very close after the first two rounds there was potential for some big changes within the table. Ian O’Sullivan was sitting on top spot with a comfortable 9 bird lead the race was on to try and claw back some birds on him. But with such a gap it was going to be tough to meet the challenge.

At the day’s end when all the cards were in and with an anxious group sitting waiting in the clubhouse the final results were ready and Tony stood forward to start the presentation. As he was nearing the end of the classes it was becoming clear that Ian had done enough to take top spot and receive the Robert Cavanagh Cup.

There was also some chat amongst the club members in the room as there is also a prize for member’s high gun with the Robert Cavanagh Plate and this year it went to Ryan Byrne.

Ian and Ryan are the 4th winners of the Robert Cavanagh Cup/ Plate and again this year the series turned out to be a fitting tribute to a man who done so much for out club.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who supported the Series this year. Even with the long and somewhat wet days setting up, it makes it all worthwhile for the course team when you the shooter enjoy the events.
Thanks also to the members who helped out in any way in the running of the shoots ,it is really appreciated and helps make the whole thing run as smooth as possible.

Thanks to Gerry @Gerryc Photography for his time in taking some super photos and catching the atmosphere around the ground, also for SeamusMichelle and crew for keeping everyone well fed over the Series.

And finally to Sean, John and the McKenna Family for their continued support and use of their ground to host all our events throughout the year we are very grateful.


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